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She’s so droopy
All signs are pointing to maybe an issue with watering this Philodendron ‘Golden Goddess’ but I’m new to this sooooo what’s going on? I don’t normally keep her outside. The photo was just a temporary time outside. Normally she’s in a north-facing window where she gets direct sunlight first in the morning for like an hour and then the sun moves. She’s in a chunky coco coir/aroid mix. I water once every 7-10 days. #GoldenGoddessPhilodendron #Philodendron #philohelp #GoldenGoddess
4” pot
Last watered 1 month ago
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Welcome to greg! Definitely don't keep her in the sun, pathos can literally get burnt and leaves that do will not recover. I would check to see if she is still damp by pushing your finger into at least the first knuckle. If it doesn't feel damp I would water. I would also look into bottom watering to make sure that the roots are getting the water not just the top. You could also gently pull her from the pot to examine the soil to make sure it is not compacted, or that the roots are coming out of the bottom of the soil meaning that she is rebound and would need a new pot
@OopsIWetMyPlant I wouldn't even let her sit in the hot sun for an hour. Bright indirect light. She looks hot
@ShannonMHR the photo in the post was from when I first brought her home. The photo I’ve attached is now but she’s still droppy.
@OopsIWetMyPlant Maybe put her in another vessel with some fresh soil that is good for her. I used miracle grow for tropicals. She also maybe needs some vitamins ( fertilizer)

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