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My plants are drying out too fast ☹️
Has anyone got any tips on plants in terracotta? I want to avoid self watering options if I can help it! 💦

The main reason that I suggest terra cotta pots for your Pileas and other houseplants that like to be on the drier side is because terra cotta helps to correct overwatering. Literally meaning “baked clay,” these pots naturally draw water away from the soil, helping your Pilea to dry out more quickly after a watering.

Interesting I didn’t know this until know. Looks like I need to check my plant that are in terracotta pots more often.
I would just up the watering frequency.

Is that an option? That's the nice thing about terracotta is it let's us know when plants are thirsty again by showing how dry they are.
@RJG thanks for the message! I have some that keep dying back because of drying out every couple of days, it’s not in direct sun, I had a plan to eventually phase out plastic pots but I’m not sure it’s a good idea 😭
@KikiGoldblatt thanks for replying! I have to check mine every 3-4 days
I like terracotta for most plants. If you notice in your plant detail Greg recommends the kind of pot your particular plant needs. The plants that need non-porous pots get planted in plastic or glazed pots. For plants liking porous pots I use terracotta.
I always check them soil before watering using bamboo sticks, also great to aerate the soil.
Happy growing Natalie, we're happy you're here on Greg 🥰🌱🌿💛
@dead.iys if you don’t want plastic, and you don’t like terracotta, there’s glazed option! Or when you water terracotta also soak it so water normally then set it in a deep pool for like 3 minutes so it soaks up water from the pool instead of the soil from the plant! It’ll give me like 2 extra days

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