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Is this normal?
I love my marantas. They're my favorite prayer plants. But I noticed something. My lime green maranta is perky and doing well, but my red one, my first maranta, seems not to be. Her leaves droop where my green ones do not. They feel healthy though. Is this nothing to be concerned about?
3ft to light, indirect
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 4 days ago
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Mine does that every day when it’s hot and usually needs water. She also will do that if it’s too bright. I have moved her to a corner of my plant room that gets bright indirect light. I have also resorted to hanging her so I can rotate her more easily. You might also want to double check for being root bound. She will bounce back though 😊
@1MOMSWTP thank you. I did water, since the soil felt a little dry. Hopefully she'll perk back up. She liked it in that spot, because she gave me some flowers. So I think maybe it's just the watering. Thanks again!
You are so welcome πŸ€—

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