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Watering habits?
Hi guys! Yesterday I bought this snow white waffle plant (at Walmart, if you can believe that 🥴) and repotted her as soon as I got home from work, because she was incredibly rootbound in the tiny, itty-bitty nursery pot they had her in. Apparently they had just watered their plants, and she looked great! After a few hours though, I noticed the leaves drooping, and I was wondering: has anyone noticed if waffle plants are particularly expressive when it comes to watering?
I gave her a bit of water, and she's mostly perked up again, but I was just wondering if this was a thing with waffle plants?
Some pictures from today for attention! The stem that you can see hanging down in the pictures isn't actually all that limp; last night before I watered it, it was touching the rim of the pot 😭
0ft to light, indirect
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 7 hours ago
Idk, but keep her away from cats! Mine ate my waffle plant down to its nubs in one night. Thankfully not toxic, but I guess yummy! 🙀 I tried to recover her but she was so sad and died.
I don't know anything about waffle plants. But i know that plants need to acclimate. It not only moved into a new environment, it moved into a new planter! So it could've been a lot of shock to it's system. So definitely give it some time and watch it.
I have a purple waffle and a Snow White waffle like yours also. You’re in for a ride. They are EXTREMELY dramatic plants when it comes to watering, so when mine starts to wilt I water. If it looks like yours is completely dead if it’s dry for to long it’s not soak that baby and in a few hours good as new I’ll tag a pic of mine dead when I get home tonight because I forgot to water last night, you’re good everything’s okay they’re are just very water sensors

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