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Direct or indirect sun?

Greetings! It's me, the trouble child again πŸ™ˆ Just to clarify, what kind of sunlight does Jack prefer, direct or indirect? Also, maybe it's just me, but I don't think he's exactly easy, he's been my most complicated cranky one yet πŸ˜…
2ft to light, direct
11” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 year ago
Maybe problem solver @RJG can help?
Mornin, Jo. (:

Is this a jackfruit or a sycamore? I remember you posted about it earlier.

Regardless what it is, it's a tree so you'll want to give it a lot of bright light-- it wants to be outside. Your job as the caregiver is to attempt to replicate its natural habitat. ☺️
@MayTheyThrive Hello πŸ‘‹ Jo! @sarahsalith this is what LeafSnap came up with, Sassafras common name Sassafras Albidum.
Right. I knew it started with an S! πŸ˜† @KikiGoldblatt