Posted 7M ago by @Hypsie

Any one else like the crunchy curls?

Jack (renamed for Nightmare Before Christmas) got a bit crispy in my south window during a 100β€’ week β˜€οΈ. I started pulling off the crunchies then decided they looked cool. Or maybe I’m just lazy?

Anyone else have a plant that grew wonky, yet you just love it and leaf it?
#HappyPlants #WonkyPlants #LoveItAndLeafIt #StringOfDolphins
3” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 months ago
I let my crispies stay, too! It's a ton of work to make my plant look more bald πŸ˜‚
Omg it’s gorgeous! Where did you get your pot/hanger too?
I love my string of dolphins and all their crazy πŸ€ͺ πŸ₯°
@HappyWormseed Thank you! The pot was a breakfast bowl (no drainage, I know lol) and I made the macrame hanger :)
@Hypsie I love it all so much! You go girl
I have a couple strings of needles at work and they get crispy but way too much work to separate
@Hypsie you made the macrame??! It’s so cute I’ve been wanting to get into that. If you have any guidance I would love to know
@BlazingFreesia Thanks! It’s probably a lot less complicated than you think. It had been a few decades so I watched some YouTube tutorials to get reacquainted. It’s really just tying different knots. Here’s the cord I use (in color creamy.)

Macrame Cord 4mm x 240yd | 100%...