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Raining Ficus leaves!

#Ficus I’ve had this (once full and gorgeous) plant for two months. I know it doesn’t like to move around, so I’ve kept her in the same place about two feet from the window. One side away from the window is shedding leaves faster than the leaves facing the window. Would she benefit from the grow light I have near her or is that the reason she’s shedding so much. Also, could the little white dots on the leaves be bugs? If so, how do I get rid of them?
2ft to light, indirect
12” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 weeks ago
Ficus leaves can excrete excess minerals through thirty leaves. It looks like that, but that also looks like hatched eggs.
Can you tell if they are on the leaf, or in? If that makes sense, if it's bugs it'll be on, but coming from within the leaf if minerals.
@Momster , I think the spots are from the leaf. But , there do seem to be some tiny gnat like things flying around it.
Gnats tend to be from soil by what I understand. Is the soil damp? Like the top layer?
I spray occasionally with hydrogen peroxide diluted in water, I mist the dirt every once in a while. This also helps with mold that can grow in top of soil.
I’ll try that. Thanks!
@useraf8c0be9 Welcome to Greg, Sharon!
@useraf8c0be9 yes peroxide is great for anything. @Momster is πŸ’― correct.
Thanks and thanks, @KikiGoldblatt !