Posted 2Y ago by @RobustPomelo

Yellow Leaves and weird white patches

There are weird white patches appearing on the leaves and some leaves are becoming yellow. The bigger leaves and breaking at random points
20” pot without drainage
Last watered 1 year ago
A photo would help so we can see what your describing.
@RobustPomelo A picture would be very helpful.
Are the weird white patches raised in any way?

Rice is usually considered an annual plant meaning it is planted annually. There is a type that is a perennial (growing for about 30 years outdoors).

Make sure it's getting the right amount of water too.
@KikiGoldblatt @OKIEgrnthmb These are the white spots
Additionally, some of the bigger leaves are breaking like the right most leaf @KikiGoldblatt @OKIEgrnthmb
@sarahsalith hi, these are the white spots.
@sarahsalith Additionally, some of the bugger leaves are breaking like the right most leaf
I've never tried to grow rice (although now I'm seriously thinking about it!).

When my leaves look like that (keeping in mind we have very different plants) it's usually because of an overwatered spot that sun has gotten to.

Rice, on the other hand, needs an abundance of water and sun. I think it might be just a natural part of your rice growing. Many of my plants have blemishes.

If I were to plant a whole crop of rice, I wouldn't be worried about blemishes here and there. I think you are seeing them because you are doing a very good job of caring for your plant.

Is your plant outside getting lots of sun?
@sarahsalith yep my plants are getting 6-8hr of direct sunlight almost everyday
It looks kinda dry- rice is supposed to be semi boggy, right?
@RobustPomelo I agree with @sarahsalith seems a bit dry to me