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Looking a little sad
This is Queen Dee I named her after my late mother. She was my mothers plant for 50 years. Before that is was her grandfathers. This plant is about 100 years old. It is massive. And I am terrified of not knowing how to take care of it properly. I know it likes to be root bound. I know it likes sun. And to water it as needed. But lately it looks a little sad. I don’t know what to do. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thank you! #NewPlantMom #ChristmasCactus
0ft to light, indirect
12” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 weeks ago
First off I’d like to start by saying that’s not a false Christmas cactus that’s a true Christmas cactus, you can tell by the scalloped and rounded edges @Fauxgreenthumb second I’d recommend trimming the more limp and semi crispy flowers as they are mostly spent and it saves the plants energy from being wasted on maintaining a dying flower second I also recommend a small prune you can propagate the pieces you end up breaking or cutting off of 3 or more pads
Thank you. That’s what the app called it. I’ll see if I can change it. I will also try pruning it! Thank you!
Absolutely breathtakingly beautiful 😍. I have read that they can live for a very long time. I am in awe. It is also nice to meet someone from my home state. Born and raised in Fairfield. As far as Queen Dee goes, what exactly are you seeing? When was she last repotted? Is she currently blooming, or is this an older pic? 🤔 A current pic would help if this one is old. this is a good guide but if you have more questions or need some more assistance @ me
@Stall54Jo hello fellow CT’er! It hasn’t been repotted in several years. Last time my did it, it was a huge undertaking. The pieces /stems/ what do you call them? Aren’t all looking full or as green as others. They are shrunken and Wilted looking.
@Little_Dude thank you!
@Fauxgreenthumb oh yea then I’d also recommend reporting too, I just repotted mine from the nursery pot it came in because of a similar issue
@Fauxgreenthumb If they are thin and shriveled they may need more water. That is a beautiful plant! If it’s been going for 100 years I am sure you will give it good care and there is little you could do that would hurt it! Good luck and I’m sure there are many who would like a cutting. That trimming will be healthy for your plant.
It’s more of a tropical cactus so they do require water a little more often than a normal cactus. Looks dehydrated
I know nothing about plants lol but I wanted to say that it’s so pretty! I need to add one to my collection😂
Also that is insanely cool that it is that old. 😳🤯Crazy to see one that old and that large. I’ve never seen one like it. Only baby ones sold at nurseries. That is super cool. Just have to find the spot where it gets the right light and have to find the right balance of when and when not to water. Especially depending on if inside or outside all the time. Don’t let it get too cold if outside.
What an amazing story! Thank you so much for sharing her with us. It’s a beautiful plant with a beautiful significance. Everyone here is smarter than I am 🤪 but I did want to add that if the plant is cold or getting drafty air, that can make it unhappy too. 🌱☀️❤️
@Fauxgreenthumb I agree with @SirLiquorice, it isn’t like other cacti. I water mine weekly and it appears to like it. It does look like it needs to get its “bounce” back and it will probably snap back to looking vibrant after it gets enough water.
I have seen another cactus this size at our favorite Chinese restaurant in Dayton. When it is blooming it is absolutely beautiful. They keep it inside, in the lobby. I don’t think of it as an outdoor plant; I do take mine out in the sun in the summer and it loves it. When it comes in for the winter, after being out in the somewhat cold, it immediately sets buds and gives us our first fall display of color. Did your mom keep it inside all the time or take it out in the summer? It’s your decision how to treat it now.
It’s always been an indoor plant. Sometimes in the summer she would have me put it out. But it’s so big now it is impossible to move. It is probably a 2 foot round pot with about a 1-2 foot over hang.
I will try watering it more. And pruning some of it back.
This plant has produced so many little babies. I know my mom used to give them away all the time. I would say dozens of people have plants from this one.
Thank you all for your help! It means a lot!
How wonderful to have that gem @Fauxgreenthumb. Try not to feel pressure, you are here in the Greg app so Queen Dee will continue for another 100 years. She is stunning.
Side note to you and @Stall54Jo , I am also hailing proudly from CT. Norwalk, to be exact.
That’s really old!
Very beautiful!
Good Luck!
Wow, imagine that. Meeting 2 plant lovers from my home state of CT. @Fauxgreenthumb and @Captjo It is nice to know. If you have a nursery or greenhouse in your area, I would give them a call about assistance with repotting. I just ran into the "to big for me to do it" issue with my Rubber Tree. Thet only charged me $20 to pot up to 16" pot. She is about 5.5 ft tall and every bit of 3 foot round. Might be worth a shot.
@Stall54Jo that’s a great idea! Thank you!
Do u have a pic of how she looks right now?
@EdmundG oh wait… this is it looking floppy 🙃🥰. I thought “wow what a healthy cactus”. Mine is a baby but ambition