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Are these new shoots or aerial roots?
#PothosNJoy I noticed that Pearl has two green buds towards the base of one of her vines. Both nodes already have aerial roots growing on them and these seem to be just above the node. The vine does also have some damage just above the top bud if that would have any impact.

Are they just aerial roots or is she about to get super bushy on me? #aerialroots #pothoslove #PothosPack
7ft to light, indirect
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 days ago
Best Answer
Looks like a new shoot to me, in my experience, aerial roots are typically brown right off the bat
I agree with Molly!
@MollyMoon that’s what I was thinking and hoping haha. Is that normal for pothos to do? I always thought they grew in one single vine without splitting 🤔
@MollyMoon has it right. Either way tho, still exciting growth!!!
@mysugaredlife they will branch off, especially when they are super happy and healthy so way to go!

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