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What’s going on with this plant? Leaf is yellow brown and “bumpy”
0ft to light, indirect
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago

Orchid leaves turn yellow if not watered often enough, watered too lightly or because of low humidity. Underwatering orchids causes roots to turn white, shrivel and die back. The shriveled, dying roots cannot transport water and nutrients to the orchid which causes the leaves to turn yellow.

What is your watering schedule? They should be watered every 7 to 8 days. Also watch your watering since there is no drainage.
It’s one of those “3 ice cubes a week” orchids, so that’s what I’ve been doing. Should I switch to water (vs. ice) or just do more cubes/more often? Also, should I cut the yellow leaf?
I started getting serious about orchids about a year ago. The just add ice thing is really not good for them. These are tropical rainforest plants that aren’t accustomed to very cold temperatures. You should definitely get on a watering schedule. If you’re able to see the roots through the plastic pot, check the color of the roots: silver colored roots means your orchid is thirsty. Water thoroughly from the top with lukewarm water. Alternatively, what I do is put them in a container that’s just slightly wider and about as deep as their pot and let them soak for a good 5-10 minutes. Either way, you want to make sure you let the water drain thoroughly so the roots don’t sit in water. Roots that are bright green means the orchid is sufficiently hydrated. It’s better to be a little under-watered than over-watered. Too much water: the roots will rot (the plant basically drowns). Leaves turning yellow is normal. Once the blooms fall, the orchid needs energy to produce new growth. Older leaves will turn yellow and drop off on their own. Don’t cut them off because you run the risk of harmful bacteria infecting the plant where you cut. Lastly, buy a high-quality orchid food (check out Orchids need fertilizer, especially when they’re producing new growth (roots, leaves, spikes, blooms). I dilute my fertilizer to about 1/3 strength for 3 consecutive weeks. Week 4 I flush them with water (no fertilizer). Sorry about the tl;dr advice column, but the main thing I’ve learned this past year about orchid care: there is no exact watering schedule. It’s going to depend on climate, humidity, temperature, size of pot and kind of medium they’re in. Just check out their roots. The roots never lie!
Roots are green and plump, so that’s a good sign. I soaked it in distilled water for about 20 minutes and found a new location for it (north windowsill, lots of bright but indirect light) I DID end up cutting the yellow leaf off (with a sterilized knife) i could tell from the fading on the leaves below it that it had gotten sunburned. I’m giving up on the ice method, so thanks for your advice on that! Now I will just cross my fingers and hope these changes will bring it back to its original glory! 🤞🏻
@EstheticChosmo you should be good to go!

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