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Why is my blush aloe losing its pink?

Is this from too much light or too little?? She was very pink when I got her in November and now she’s mostly green. Is there any way to reverse this? Other than the color change she looks pretty happy. She sits pretty close to a grow light.
0ft to light, direct
2” pot with drainage
Last watered 6 days ago
Typically with succulents their blush colors come out with high light exposure so she probably wants more light.
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1. Too Much Light:

Outdoor aloes frequently go from red to brown throughout the summer and then turn green again each fall without incident, but this is distinct from unfavorable color changes to your Aloe’s leaves brought on by sun damage and excessive heat.

Dry brown scars, shriveled foliage, weak leaves, and burned tips are side effects of severe sunburn.

2. Insufficient Light:

In response, an Aloe in low light will lose its red hues and turn a lighter shade of green as it screams for sunlight.

The heart of the plant will be paler than the rest of it. An Aloe that doesn’t receive enough light will eventually become leggy, splay out, and extend in the direction of the light source.

How to fix sunburnt Aloe vera plants?

1. Limit the sun exposure to plant.

When the aloe vera plant is sunburnt you need to limit the sun exposure time for the plant.

You can even move the plant to partial shade to help the plant revive. move it to an indoor area where you can give partial shade and bright indirect sunlight.

Try to keep your pot near the window and make sure it is not keeping in the southwest facing windows. make sure you give them indirect sunlight so that they won’t get too hot.