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Does 3% hydrogen peroxide helps with rot roots?

I have a satin #pothos constantly with rot roots problem and I came across some articles from the internet that 3% hydrogen peroxide can help with rot roots.

Have any of you guys used 3% hydrogen peroxide on your plants before? How much ratio of 3% hydrogen peroxide to water you guys used? Did it work on your plant?
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If you are having a problem with root rot, there’s a few things to look at:
•does your pot have drainage holes?
•does your soil blend have additives to keep it well draining (perlite, bark, coco chips, sand, etc)
•are you overwatering?
Because it will come back if these parameters aren’t met.

I think it’s 1 teaspoon to 1 cup ratio for the peroxide. You will want to cut off the rotten parts first. Then rinse the roots. Repot with new soil.
@TheOddAsity I'm not good at making my own soil, so I bought the ready use potting mixed soil that has professional grade peat, rich humus, base fertilizer, burnt earth, natural silica grain, burn husk, coco peat, charcoal powder, clay breaker, and calcium.

I'm not sure if they added perlite into the soil, but I don't think I saw any white thing in the soil, so I don't they there's perlite in the soil.

Now I'm added 1:4 perlite to the soil, and put 2 or 3 layers of small LECA ball at the bottom of the pot. The pot has 1 drainage hole that is on the center. Maybe overwatered was the problem.
@SpiffyGonolobus yeah, all those ingredients retain water and moisture. I would maybe up the ratio to 1:2 perlite/soil because of that specific soil type. But over time you figure out what your plant likes specific of your zip code. What works for me here, might be different than what works for you. Good luck!!
@TheOddAsity yea, I will check the roots again in 2 weeks to see the result, if it still isn't working maybe I'll have to go with ratio 1:3 perlite to soil and add more LECA balls at the bottom.
@SpiffyGonolobus question on the leca, I am new to leca. If you are putting it in the bottom of the pot with soil on top, does the leca retain moisture, or increase drainage, or a little of both?
@nellz4estfairyz both. LECA can absorb water. And when placing LECA together, there are holes between them, which allow the roots to breathe and water flows out from the pot easier. LECA is more like a sponge that they will absorb water when they are dry, so instead of having wet soil, LECA absorbs the water from the soil will dry up the soil faster, but the roots will take the water from the LECA if roots are beside them when the plants need. It works the same as perlite.