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My #StrawberryMint is browning and loosing leaves!!! What do I do??Please Help!!!
It looks like maybe some pests may have been eating at her leaves, so that may be why. She’s watered regularly and not in direct sunlight so she’s not dry. I just don’t want to loose this plant!!! What should I do?? 😭

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3ft to light, direct
3” pot without drainage
Last watered 3 weeks ago
It could be at the end of its cycle, it could also not be getting enough drainage
Could be due to the pests and lighting. And could be due to the soil and drainage. If the soil drains and drains pretty well then you may want to try more light. And you may need to try something for the pests like safer brand spray with neem oil, soap and poison
Soil staying too wet can also be bad if there isn’t enough drainage
@SirLiquorice @PlantyPlanter
I think I’m going to repot it to add more drainage. Thanks for the help!! :]
@serpens_stars yeah make sure the pot always has good drain holes and that the soil has perlite added so it drains well. My mint plants get direct sunlight only in the morning. I caught a caterpillar eating one before. It would’ve quickly killed the entire plant and they hide very well even when big
@serpens_stars sounds like @SirLiquorice has you in good hands.

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