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Does this plant only like distilled water? Can I use filtered water or tap water after the chemicals evaporate?
6” pot
Last watered 2 months ago
I let my tap water sit in the Terinf can for 24-48 hours before using and my picky plants don’t seem at all bothered by it.
All my plants, including calatheas/marantas/goeppertias are watered with the same water I put into my fish tanks! So, I add some water conditioner that you get from the pet store to treat the water fish go in. They love this water and I figured if it makes the tap water safe for fish, it must be ok for the finicky plants. ☺️
@crazyfoliagegirl and to add, doing this means the water can be used almost immediately. No need to have water sitting out for over a day 😊
It’s going to depend on what the water in your area is like, so it’s hard for someone in another area to confirm. My calathea throw a fit unless I use distilled or spring water
I say distilled water reverse ausmosis or what I'm doing is the ZeroWater Filter letting it sit for 12 hours
I got a rain barrel to avoid this question 😂😂
I was told that although distilled water won’t harm plants that it doesn’t contain the nutrients they need so it isn’t the best choice. What are your thoughts on that?
Thank you all! This was helpful
@srdesigns it is my belief also that distilled water does not have any nutrients to help them thrive. However, it serves the purpose of keeping the plant alive. I am struggling with my Rose Calathea. I’m she is down to 4 leaves but I won’t give up. I recently started to water with spring water. I haven’t noticed any difference as yet but I realize it’s too soon. I’ll try to be patient. ☺️
I use alkaline water and I’ve noticed a difference.

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