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Is dehumidifier water ok to use on plants?
I’ve avoided using water collected from my dehumidifier on my plants because I’ve been unsure what the effect would be. I saw a post yesterday which reminded me of this, but is it ok to use on indoor plants?
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@KikiGoldblatt That was a fascinating article! You can water carnivorous plants, dracaenas, and spider plants with dehumidifier water but not the rest because it's lacking minerals..! (And the listed plants don't mind that but most do, hence the suggestion to use purified or rain water.) But rain water doesn't have much in the way of minerals and does have atmospheric dust. Interestingly, my plants seem to love atmospheric dust!
@user822c6381 Florence, I'm sorry for the bad info. I don't think one watering, especially if your dehumidifier is clean, will harm your plants, but from now on only use it on the carnivores, spider, and dracaenas. There may be more that don't mind that water so you could check! But next watering, I think flushing purified water through any who got humidifier water might be a good idea. @KikiGoldblatt What do you think? I don't want to give bad advice again!

Drat! It seems like such a great idea! In the future, I will research more deeply before offering advice. 💚
I wondered that too! Google says it's comparable to distilled water, which makes sense. As long as your collection tank is clean and free of chemicals, the water the dehumidifier deposits in it should be as well. That makes it absolutely perfect for watering plants. Woot! Free water! 💚
@user822c6381 I do agree to some point but you have to demilitarize it first.

The simple answer to this question is: no. As Marken explained: "What we call 'distilled water' is usually demineralised. It can be very pure. Dehumidifier water, however, will be more contaminated with things that float around in air or things that like to grow in dehumidifiers."

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