Posted 5d ago by @Eryss

Help Identify Me :)
I was pretty sure it’s a sedum, but I have no idea. All the long reddish trailing pieces dried up because I kinda forgot about it outside :(. I took the healthy pieces and propagated them today! #sedum
7” pot with drainage
Last watered 5 days ago
Up close!
It looks to me like sedum spurium. As to exact variety I’m not sure.
@PlantAddicted I checked and the leaves on this are *very* small. Those look a little bigger.
Spurium is actually pretty small let me see if I can grab a pick for size
Sorry I’m terrible at photos hope it shows scale, picture of two different variety
@PlantAddicted Those are so pretty 😱! I definitely think you’re correct. Thank you!
Very pretty, so much so I had to grab a few from my neighbor to propagate, with their permission of course 😁 glad I could help!

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