Posted 5d ago by @RulerMakura

What is on my plant?
They look like tiny pieces of yeast? How do I get them off and what is causing it?
5” pot
Last watered 5 days ago
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Welcome to Greg, Charlotte! You have a kalenchole and I'm afraid you also have whiteflies. They notoriously go together. Ugh.

I keep an insecticidal soap on hand because if you have plants, you'll have bugs.

I don't know what you can get over there, but I use Natria. 
That’s definitely pests!! 😬 although I am unsure what kind, you can treat them generally with insecticidal soap or Neem oil
@ShinyBudew they aren’t moving tho? They don’t look like bugs 🤔
@RulerMakura hmmm that’s weird then! But maybe a quick shower and some neem oil will help it to not form again?? After some google searches I think they may be aphids, I believe mealy bugs are also white but they look more fuzzy from what I’ve heard. Do you leaves look less healthy with the white things on?
@ShinyBudew thank you for this, after looking and the comment below. I do think they are whiteflies :( thank you for helping xx

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