Posted 4w ago by @Nightshade

I need help identifying my new air plant !!! Can anyone help ???? @tango @KikiGoldblatt @RJG #AirPlant #PlantID
2” pot without drainage
Last watered 2 hours ago
Best Answer
@Nightshade looks like a blushing bride to me. A lot like mine! 😊
I unfortunately don't know much about airplants at all
@RJG It’s alright! It’s my first ;)
Looks like a tillandsia?
@LatiTish84 Thank you!!!
@LatiTish84 do you know what type of tillandsia???
@tango Great thank you!!!!!
Unfortunately, no. I'm sorry. But it does look like Tango's blushig bride! I hope you get it to bloom!
@LatiTish84 thank you!!!
Looks like a blushing bride
Yes that is a blushing bride. I have 5 of those.

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