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My venus flytraps are turning black
I have had these plants since March and they’ve all grown healthy. They’re getting much needed sun and watering too. However this past month, they seemed to be looking limp and alot of their traps have gone black. It used to be that only a few would turn black at a time. But now it’s awful lot. I wonder what could be going wrong on my end. Help please 😞 #PetsAndPlants #VenusFlyTrap
As long as the soil is always wet and you are using rainwater, the traps will die and wither away, but they'll be replaced with new ones in time. Each year, when it gets cold, my VFT goes dormant.
@sarahsalith thanks 🙏
I could only water them with brita-filtered water. I have read about their dormancy on winters, but it’s full summer heat here in Fl. 😅
I use distilled water and mine would get crispy faster if it was too hot and too much direct sun.
@Dolewhip i think that’s what’s happening to mine too. 😟 also, i tried manual feeding them but the traps wont close at all. 😔
@drakosmüm VFT plants shouldn't be fed, they will catch their own food, it's actually not a good thing to feed them! Just leave it alone, make sure it has plenty of water, keep the plant a little bowl of water. Mine is constantly catching flies, once the fly is digested the trap opens back up. A VFT can catch flies up to 4 it 5 times before that trap will die and wither away.
@Sassylimey yours look really healthy! :)

Mine were once like that, just dont know why they show decline as of late. 😔
I tried feeding them to check of they need more nutrients.

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