Posted 3w ago by @AnaMaria

For the last 2 weeks my fern looks like it s wilting. I kept the soil moist and drained it. What's happening with it?
Arachniodes simplicior. #fernfriends #newplantmom
@AnaMaria what type of light is it getting? Also ferns love πŸ’• moisture?
@AnaMaria BTW Welcome to Greg!
It s full shade
Welcome to Greg, Ana. (:

When you say the fern is in full shade, is it outside or inside?
Hello, Thank you Sarah! It s iside.
@AnaMaria it probably needs a not more light. They also love humidity.

Sometimes it takes us a while to find out plant's happy spot. πŸ’š
@AnaMaria I agree with @sarahsalith it does need more light. And they they love πŸ’• humidity.
Maybe try putting it out in morning sun for a few hours. I’m having some trouble with rabbit foot fern. I put on my front porch but I still don’t know if that’s been enough. It’s bright full shade.

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