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Hello! My coriander seems droopy and not perky. Im afraid I might have over harvested or watered too much? How can I make it grow and look fuller? Thank you!
4” pot
Last watered 1 month ago

Coriander plants droop if you don't give enough water, or too much hot sun due to this soil moisture is reduced. Coriander plants usually wilt during hot days, plant have a huge surface area of leaves water content will pull out by the sun quickly.

How do you revive wilted coriander?

Also, the cilantro leaves become light and crispy if they don't receive enough water. To revive underwatered cilantro plants, water them until it starts coming out of from the drainage holes. Also, avoid watering during the hottest times of the day.

How to make it fuller:

How do I make my coriander bushy? If you pinch off upwards growth you will encourage a bushier coriander plant. Cut off the top bit of the main stem, especially if it looks to be starting flowers. Cutting off flowers will direct the coriander plant energy to the production of leaves.
Thank you so much! Will do!
@Bitterswet you are very welcome.

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