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Leafs dying?
Hey there,

Two weeks ago, my Alocasia started sprouting a new leaf. A few days later, I noticed the oldest leaf bending and turning yellow. And today, another leaf is dying! What's going on? Is it normal or should I be worried?
I really don't get it. It was fine until now. πŸ˜”
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5ft to light, direct
6” pot without drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
@impeplants this is normal for alocasia to drop a leaf when producing a leaf. Unless the plant is truly happy then it may only has 2-3 leaves at a time. Just take note of your care for your environment and then your plant will hold more leaves. Of cause if this continues and leaves drop the check the roots for rot and keep a eye on the plant for pests as thy love alocasia.
Thank you @Gordo!
I've read that it could be normal but I was surprised that it would drop two in less than a month. It had four for months!
I don't think I have pests, I've not seen anything in the soil, on the plant or flying around.

I hope it'll start thriving soon!
@impeplants exactly what @Gordo said.
Yep! @Gordo hit it spot on. Make sure your Alocasia isn’t sitting in water. But typically if you see a sad bottom leaf, you have a new one coming out soon!
Thank you @KikiGoldblatt and @jcPlantProper!

I make sure I water it only when the soil is dry so it shouldn't be sitting in water. Let's see how it goes in the weeks coming.

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