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Strawberry Plant Dying
Most of the leaves turned brown and fell off, and now the last two leaves are starting to turn brown. It seems to of put all its energy into that one strawberry. It’s a self watering planter so all I do is fill the bottom when it’s empty and sprits the top of the soil when it gets dry. I moved it to a window with more direct sunlight. I’m not sure what else to do
7” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
To me that looks like the strawberry is getting too much water.
1w ago
I got my mom a strawberry plant from a local farm and while I’ve been taking care of it I’ve been very tempted to get one as well. I don’t have outdoor space though so very interested if folks have been successful in keeping them alive and fruiting indoors. I have south facing windows but even then I think they need a good bit of direct sun so maybe it wouldn’t work out for me 🤔
Self watering planters are the devil imo... I agree it looks over watered
@WickedValkyrie agreed 😔 👿
@WickedValkyrie Oh dang, I didn’t realize self watering planters would still over water. I’ll try putting a lot less in it bottom
Just water it like a normal planter and drain the excess. The fact that the water just sits at the bottom like that can cause root rot 🖤
@BigNerd (I LOVE your user name!)

I agree with the other ladies. Strawberries like to dry out a bit. And they like LOTS OF LIGHT. I keep mine outside.
Yeah they LOVE the sun! My mom had some in her garden in Oklahoma a few years back getting full sun pretty much all day and by the end of the season they had completely taken over her entire garden. Lol

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