Posted 5M ago by @sidewalkpirate

Hello dioon edule and stephania fans!❀
Would like to connect with other dioon edule growers.
I also have a stephania errecta and would love to hear from others growing these two plants. Nobody in my rl circle grows either of them.
Would be fun to exchange experiences and tips... ❀
0ft to light, direct
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
I have an erecta!
i think @cjred has some #Caudex plants including a couple stephanias
Squeeee! Mine is in hibernation right now. Does this every winter and comes back bigger the next season. Does yours stay green all year?
I don't have a grow light on it....
Potato fammmmm
@sidewalkpirate this is the first year I've had it but it did not go dormant at all. at least not to drop all leaves. it has recently started actively growing again.
Mine dropped all leaves all 3 years I have had it. But the first thing that springs up every year is a flower.
Aaaaah @cjredthat edule is GORGEOUS!
Mine is still a baby. I got it last summer. Hope it will grow a new leaf this year!

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