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No leaves at top of string of spades query
Does anyone know why i have lots of leaves at the bottom of my string of spades but the top is so sparse? How can i make it more bushy at the top without propogating from the bottom? #StringOfSpades #StringOfHearts
Is there a reason you don’t want to propagate from the bottom? I think that’s a good instinct and would likely work. For the future, when it starts to look a bit stringy you can pinch off the ends to prevent further length and allow the top of the plant to become more full before letting it grow more length.
Theres no real reason other than my cat is a jerk and will eat the propagation as it will be in easy reach and he loves to chew my plants. I may just have to give it a go and see!
Thanks for the tip ref pinching out. I do it in the garden but it never even occurred to try it with houseplants πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ
Take one of the long strands and lay it in a spiral on top of the soil. Use bent paper clips to anchor the nodes at or just below the surface. The nodes should soon send off shoots and that will make the top more bushy without taking much from the length. You *might* be able to speed up the process by keeping a plastic bag over the top to maintain humidity.
I have the same thing on a string of hearts that my daughter under watered in the beginning and it kept losing leaves now I have it growing well and have some decisions to make.
Along with the suggestions you’ve seen, I’d also recommend more sun possibly. You cant have direct light but you need a lot bright indirect light for proper growth.
Possibly have fallen off earlier

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