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Succulent leaves pointing upwards?
I noticed that Augustine's leaves have started pointing upwards. He's in front of a Southeast window so he gets pretty good sunlight during the morning to noon hours (6am-12pm). Is upward pointing leaves a symptom of too much sun?
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
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no, in fact pointing down leaves are a sign of too little sun so i think putting him there made him happier ^^
I agree with @strawberrymoon
Agree with @strawberrymoon. If they get too much sun they'll close up to protect themselves.

This looks very happy though.

Welcome to Greg Eggy!
When they flatten out they are trying to get more sun, all the way up is too much! This little one looks pretty happy.
@strawberrymoon Oh ok! Thank goodness lol

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