Posted 7M ago by @Coko4lyfe

Help! Anyone know why she keep turning yellow. I moved her from where she was getting direct light, repotted, water more, and watered less. Plus growth has been slow. I thought these grow fast?
4ft to light, direct
5” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 days ago
Terracotta will absorb a lot of the moisture pretty quickly, which is good to prevent root rot, but it may lead to things drying out faster. If you’re changing multiple things at once it will be hard to nail down what the issue is.

What’s the humidity like in the environment?
@MeganO It’s been over time. Humidity is around 40%
@Coko4lyfe philos like higher humidity levels bc they grow in tropical places, maybe you could put a little glass of water next to her or put her near a humidifier.
@strawberrymoon yep have both. My humidity use to be around 70 but my old furnace broke and the new furnace puts out less humidity.
@Coko4lyfe i think 70 would be good for this plant, but if the old one broke maybe you could group her with other plants to increase the humidity?
@strawberrymoon yes did that this week. Surrounded by three other plants🪴
@Coko4lyfe then i’d say give her some time, hopefully she’ll recover! all the best, i’m sure she’ll be back to looking gorgeous soon <3
@strawberrymoon thanks 🙏🏾 so much!

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