Posted 1w ago by @PlantyPlanter

Propagation attempt number 2!
#JapaneseHoneysuckle Saw this on my walk and just add to take a little peice (there was a bunch of it so don’t worry I didn’t take like the only part of the plant) and I could use some tips! I hope this will be easier to propagate then the #SeaVetchling ! Thanks! #PropagationStation #Propagation #PropDontShop
2” pot without drainage
Last watered 1 day ago
I’ve never seen this plant, but as long as you cut before a node, you should be golden (: good luck!
@bunu how do I cut before a nod?
@PlantyPlanter I’m pretty new to propagating but on the stems there’s a white/light green spot that can either take up the whole stem or a lil on the side. Cut right before that.
@bunu got it! I hope I did!

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