Posted 1Y ago by @BoldDigitfern

My paddle plant looks like it’s dying. 😩 all the edges of the leaves are turning brown. It’s been getting sunlight daily and I watered it the first day I got it. Any suggestions would be great!

0ft to light, direct
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 months ago
They like to dry out as quickly as possible after every watering. I’d rec an unglazed terra cotta pot with drainage, cactus/succulent soil mix, and a few hours of direct sunlight per day but not so much that it bakes. Mine only gets watered when the top inch is bone dry. This plant also has a visual cue - it will lower its leaves to tell you when it’s thirsty. I suspect yours may have wet feet if it’s in a pot with no drainage.
I have this exact same one..same size too looks struggled in the beginning because his roots were to wet..and i never watered it the 1st month because the top soil was always moist(not soaked)..but he was droopy leaves and curling dry up at the tips like urs..the pots rim was small and it left indentation under the leaves...I finally took him out rinsed the roots..and they were close to rot at the base the roots were bound too tight in that too wet soil in a soft plastic nursery too(i live in Miami btw) so i gave it a water bath for a few days and some new roots came above the old mass(of which i cut away the dead and rot tip of stem) i potted him back up in 2 pot sizes up all the way up to its base of the 1st set of leaves..the stem was at least a fingers length long too..and nothing for 3 weeks and looked worse, .i decided to prop all the way up to the new small set of roots and back in the water for a month...indoor therapy...and finally..good enough roots..and back down to the small pot(a sterile new one) and new soil with lots of pearlite, some small orchid bark and organic soil ..i also used root starter when I cut the stem to the new baby roots ..then watered when the top soil gets dry .and its often 3xs a week rn..and I just started using kelp last week..and again 2nite(thats why it looks a lil brown spotty in this pik) and its outside in partial full morning\noon sun south east of my terrace ..i said all that to say..check ur roots, change the soil and pot size up 1& deeper., and water more...these guys seem good luck
@ivysaur it has a some drainage at the bottom, but I will try re-soiling! Thank you!!!
@BoldDigitfern good luck! it’s a fun plant. This is Pancakes, it looked similar when I bought it. They tend to go dormant (btw if you aren’t expecting it) so if your plant refuses to grow just be patient and keep in a nice sunny spot