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Help! New Plant is Struggling
I got this guy less than 2 weeks ago and he’s already struggling to hang on. He came in on 8/18 and I’m not sure when he got water before that. I left on vacation and had my family water when Greg recommended on Friday 8/26. But they said he was looking unhappy before that.
Many of the stems pulled out like nothing and are rotted looking. The soil is dry but I think it’s been over-watered despite how droopy he is. Fortunately there does seem to be a teeny bit of new growth.
My plan is to leave him alone, let him dry out, and see what happens, but any tips are very welcome!
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6” pot
Last watered 16 hours ago
@jcPlantProper Do you happen to know if this is common with cupids? I gave @PlantMompy a cutting and it wilted and died in perlite so seems very sensitive.
@lemrobs oh no! It looks like it got beat up or fell!!! I’ve never seen this honestly especially if it came in ok
Take out whatever Is dead like it looks like you’ve done and give it more light!
That definitely looks like root rot. I would try cutting the healthy portions that are left and propagating them in water
Did you repot when you brought it home?? Did you water it when you brought it home?? Not including when family watered.
Sometimes they have a mild shock from a new environment. Sometimes they are also in desperate need of new soil when we purchase. Do you see any bugs? There are so many nodes you could probably just chop the whole thing and lay all the stems in fresh soil and have a rockin plant in a month or two.
@lemrobs also, I just got a six pack of east to grow houseplants off Amazon, vining peperomia was one of them and it died immediately!!! Hmmm πŸ€”
It looks like when water propped cuttings freak out when planted in dirt and rot away.

I'd definitely unpot and check the roots and get rid of any black mushy stuff!
@Jilliebeanstalk interesting, maybe they are not always so easy to grow!
@jcPlantProper @PlantNerds @Jilliebeanstalk @angelw1975 Thanks everyone for the help! Gonna take a couple cuttings in case but also just leave it be in more light and see how things go…fingers crossed and will keep you posted!
@lemrobs 🀞

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