Posted 1Y ago by @HattaAndromeda

Carnivorous plant suggestions?
I want to get a carnivorous plant, but can’t decide which one to get. They’re all super cool. Which ones would you suggest? Which ones are easier, which ones grow the fastest, which ones just look the coolest lmao I’m open for suggestions #Carnivorous
imo sundews look really cool!
@HattaAndromeda I would suggest the Venus Flytrap. Amazon sells em and they're so cool looking. A natural way to kill those fruit flies too! Send me a pic when you get it.
@voidnuggets I agree I have 3 sundews. Amazing if you have a nat problem.
@TinaRedchic yap venus fly trap! Very easy to take care just damp moss and water with distilled water/rain water + bright spot. Won’t go wrong
I have a gaya pitcher plant that is sprouting pitchers like crazy under a grow light. It’s a funky looking cool plant that is great for hanging and also kill bugs!

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