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Can I grow my ant plant similar to a bonsi

I have these three mature and one juvenile ant plant I'm wondering if I could wrap its roots around an amethysts crystal (or any crystal that is purple) kind a like the one shown. Would this be possible or is this wishful thinking. I know this plant is an epiphyte so in theory this should or but I don't want to hurt any of my plants.
I was also thinking of getting a China doll plant; would that be better suited for a project like this? And if so any pointers? #antplant #bonsai #help #helpneeded #bonsaitrees #chinadollplant
I don't know if the ant plant's roots will be able to grow over the stone well enough to hold on. The caudex gets quite large and (to my knowledge) the roots are always smaller and thinner by composition.

I have an elephant bush growing over a rock. I've been working on it for about five years.

A tip I learned is wrap the roots with plastic wrap while they are growing and maturing so they don't dry out.

In my opinion, it's good to use a plant that naturally has longer roots to get started. (:
You can see the plastic in the first picture. I've had to tie the roots onto the rock to keep it sturdy. This winter, I removed the plastic and buried the plant a bit deeper to let it rest over the winter.

I'll pull it out snd adjust it in the Spring.
@sarahsalith so would a China doll plant work better for this? Or maybe a jade plant? I've always wanted a bonsai tree since I was 6 and watched Cowboy Bebop just want to make sure I get the right plant for this project I wanna do. Something easy that doesn't require to much care or to be in a cloche all it's existence. I have humidity around 40% - 50% (the highest it ever gets is 69% the lowest is in the low 30%) in the winter and anywhere from 50% - 80% (it can get higher then that if it's around or above 100ยฐF (37ยฐC) in the summer.