Posted 1Y ago by @Vforvendetti

I’m beyond excited to welcome Little Gemma to my plant family. Magnolias are my favourite flower but I’d never thought I’d have my very own. #Magnolia #wishlistplant #plantmom
magnolias are so lovely!! even their name sounds pretty <3
Rubber plant
@usercc7e35df it’s a magnolia tree.
It’s beautiful!!!! Magnolias are my favorite too 💕 If you live somewhere that’s warm year-round I would suggest placing it outside, they need more light than our homes can provide and will likely grow much faster, and have a much better shot at flowering!
@Kiersten I live in a desert climate so it is sunny in the am but it’s dry and really cold. I was hoping this window would be best since it gets bright sunshine all day. Then is spring put her outside? Thank you for the advice. I actually don’t know much about there care since I’ve never had one before.

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