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Some of my photos leaves are starting to droop, I mist them 2-3 times a week & only water when the Greg app tells me too. I’ve given him lots of bright light in the day & have even tried grow lights at night, I don’t want to loose him, any suggestions? #photos
7” pot
Last watered 1 day ago
Is the soil dry on top when the app tells you to water? I’ve noticed sometimes I need to skip days for certain plants. You could be over watering it. It also might not need to be misted as much.
First question: how long have you had it?

If you haven't had it very long and/or you've recently repotted it, it can droop.

Is the soil drying out between waterings? Allowing the soil to dry out between waterings allows the roots to grow stronger.
Your plant card says no drainage….. check it for root rot. Pothos like well draining soil and prefer to dry out between waterings. Mine is thriving in bright bright light. It was actually in full sun and overcast for a week or two but now it’s inside and repotted in a north window. Is there a specific reason you’re misting it?? That might be giving you problems due to excess water buildup. Don’t water unless the soil is dry for several inches and if you want you can give it a warm shower or put it out in the rain for a watering. But, definitely repot into something with drainage and add perlite to the soil.
Mine were drooping too but then got stronger and now they are thriving. Give it time and it’ll do just fine 🙂
How rooted is the pothos? I suggest letting it dry out a bit and place in a well lit area, but not hot
@Krislindq thanks! It’s always dry on top but I never check to far down, maybe I’ll try that!
@sarahsalith I haven’t had it very long, I transplanted it when I got it about 10-14 days ago, I never even thought of that, thanks!
@Jilliebeanstalk not sure why it says no drainage, it is in a pot with drainage for sure! Thanks 😊
@WholeRockcress I have hope, thank you!
@jcPlantProper not to well, I bought it about 10-14 days ago.
@Empoweredgreens upon further inspection 🧐 the long root piece with several leaves coming off it it a bit sideways. That should be IN the soil with the leaves facing the sky. That little tiny brown thing on it is a root forming off a node. So just gently lay that guy in the soil and it’ll strengthen up and give you a bushier plant, then it will trail much stronger. I think I see bark in there and pothos do well in orchid bark. I repotted mine 5 days ago and this morning I have several new leaves.

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