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(Costco) “Miracle grow organic choice potting mix with compost”? Has anyone tried this soil before? I repotted some of my plants in it and I noticed that regular miracle grow potting soil would cake up, especially around the roots, and hold onto moisture essentially rotting my poor plants roots!! I also had been watering my plants sparingly as well, so the clay like texture of the potting soil seemed to have been really holding on to moisture, and without good airflow, my plants couldn’t breathe! Has anyone had that experience with regular potting soil like that before either? Anyway, I repotted those plants in this new stuff my dad had brought from Costco, I was a little skeptical at first because it’s essentially not actual soil, but made out of coco coir, yuuca, peat, and I think some other stuff? It also has compost in it so I’ve been using it on its own, I also found that it’s versatility is great for making different soil mixes like added perlite for my succulents! Hopefully this stuff doesn’t cake onto the roots like they had been with my plants before. Has anyone used this or something similar and had good results? Any tips or suggestions? Thank you!
not from america so miracle gro is not common here but ive heard bad things about their soil- gnats, fungus etc. i think you can use it if you want to but it’s best to sterilize the soil first :) you can use the oven or boiling water for that- it’s easier to just get a different soil tho imo
Anything MiracleGro in my opinion, is always infested with bugs.

I can’t afford any other soil, so I will usually buy regular MiracleGro potting mix and disinfect it with a mix of water and isopropyl in a spray bottle. I lay out the soil, spray generously and lay out to dry.

I do buy the Perlite from MiracleGro and that is great, but anything with organic soil, it is always infested with bugs and larvae, that will eventually end up hurting your plant in the long run if you pot with it.

I also like to get my hands dirty, so this is what I do whenever I get a new bag of soil. No bugs here- so far! 🤗🪴
@kscape thank you for the suggestion! I have heard about miracle gro having bug problems before, I actually have a fungus gnat infestation I’m trying to take care of unfortunately, so that’s the main reason why I was repotting my plants, however now I’m worried that the miracle gro itself is the problem!! Oh no, I might have to just buy some new better quality soil or medium, sucks because miracle gro is so affordable :/
@strawberrymoon I have heard of this method! I’ve been wanting to try it with my existing bagged soil, I’m a bit paranoid about having bugs in my plants/soil haha so I might just have to go the extra mile, unfortunately now that I think about it, the miracle gro potting soil (what I first used at all) is probably what gave me a gnat infestation in the first place. Sometimes I would see one very rarely before I had plants, and then the gnats kept coming after I got plants so I thought it was just prexisting gnats in my room maybe causing the problem? Now i’m pretty sure it’s the soil. It’s a shame because it is affordable, and I’m going to have to repot all my plants again, but oh well, what we do to keep our friends happy! 😓🤣
@WinIvy right! It’s very affordable since it’s only $6 a bag for 8 quarts at Walmart, but my god I don’t think it’s worth potting your plants in a pest infested medium. I might have to slow down my plant growth because of this!
@WinIvy oh man that sucks :( i know many people like black gold potting mix so maybe you could give that a try? not too sure about the price but ive heard a lot of aroid keepers like it
Maybe try your local nursery to see if they mix their own soil instead of buying from a big box store. I am in Australia but we have the same issue but never had a issue with my nursery mixes.
I’ve heard about all those issues with miracle gro soil having bugs or mold but luckily I’ve never experienced it. I’m not a die-hard miracle gro person & just buy whatever is affordable at the time, but I’ve used this one recently & didn’t have any issues - it was actually really good as the base for my soil mixes !

I will say though, that if you are worried about root rot then you should definitely add perlite, pumice, &/or orchid bark to the soil to increase aeration & prevent the roots from suffocating.

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