Posted 1w ago by @ClimbingTozzia

That surreal moment when the water lilies start to open up to welcome the first rays of the sun #SpringIntoSummer #WaterLily #Bangladeshtraveldiary #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #HappyPlants
Oh my gosh how gorgeous!!!
@Mell it was such an amazing view…the photos really don’t do justice!
Wow, so pretty!
Thanks for the wallpaper! 😍 beautiful photos!
@calvina thank you! 😊
@LatiTish84 awww love it!!!!
@CoolNoblefir thank you! ☺️
You could print that and make it into a picture!! Beautiful!
@SpicyMatteuccia good idea!
@ClimbingTozzia you could do something like this
@SpicyMatteuccia wow those are beautiful. What’s the flower on the far left with the gorgeous mulberry/pink shades?
Those are peonies
@SpicyMatteuccia I’m wrong, those are purple irises lol. Don’t know my left from my right this morning

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