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4.5 out of 5 (52 experiences)

Hawaiian Hibiscus has a Blooms easily plant personality Blooms easily 34
Hawaiian Hibiscus has a Large, lush leaves plant personality Large, lush leaves 21
Hawaiian Hibiscus has a Survivor plant personality Survivor 20
Hawaiian Hibiscus has a Fast grower plant personality Fast grower 20
Hawaiian Hibiscus has a Pet friendly plant personality Pet friendly 12
Hawaiian Hibiscus has a Easy to propagate plant personality Easy to propagate 9
Hawaiian Hibiscus has a Browns easily plant personality Browns easily 7
Hawaiian Hibiscus has a Pest magnet plant personality Pest magnet 4
Tessa avatar
leaf-1 67 Plants
xp 3,890 XP

Big beautiful flowers!

Fast grower Fast grower
Large, lush leaves Large, lush leaves
Blooms easily Blooms easily
Collyflower avatar
leaf-1 34 Plants
xp 852 XP
globe North Brookfield, MA

Very beautiful blooms!! I love the vibrancy of red!

Blooms easily Blooms easily
Agatha avatar
leaf-1 37 Plants
xp 1,147 XP

My poor hibiscus was RAVAGED by spider mites last year. Lost all its leaves before I could do anything. So sad.
When I saw leaves poking out this year, I pruned it. Now I wait for it to come back to life.

Spider mites are a huge nuisance here. They can ravage a plant before you even spot them.