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Greg’s hyperlocal guidance is rooted in plant science and adapts to your growing style and changing weather.

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"I have tried multiple plant apps over the years, but Greg is the first one that makes me feel like I’m doing the most to care for my plant family!"


"LOVE THIS APP Super simple and user friendly, not to mention its clean design. I have tried a lot of plant apps but none come close to this. My plants are actually thriving for once!!"


"Game Changer. If you want an indoor jungle that can thrive, this app makes it idiot-proof. Can't recommend it enough! LOVE the pro-tips, on top of the great watering and plant ID functions."

- Bre L.

"This app is seriously amazing in its’ simplicity. It does exactly what you need to organize any amount of plants! I went from like 2 plants to 15 in 2020, so it was getting hard to keep track of who needed to be watered and when."


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