Ecuador Philodendron

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Vere should be watered every 9 days and was last watered on Sunday Apr 9th.

#Philodendron Discussion

Meet Victoria, my Glorious Verrucosum. I have an goal which is to have at least one of each Glorious type. She is my 4th. #Storytime : She had scale and the imperfections you see in her stem are where the scale used to be. She came from an acquaintance and it’s all good since all of my babies come home to go straight into quarantine. I also fed her immediately. Her three little leaves look better today. She will definitely recover in a few weeks. But let’s talk about scale insects: Did you know that a sign you may want to check for scale insects is that you either have deformed growth, no growth, or premature leaf loss along with yellowing branches. Scales insects can be armored or non-armored. And guess what falls under scale: mealy bugs! All of these insects rob your plant of its sap and nutrients. The scale could be seen as a brownish or beige scar on your plant’s stems or branches. Part of plant care is to look for signs of scale. Honestly? Adya, my beautiful queen anthurium was not thriving, no growth, and her leaves were deformed. When I found scale near the base of her leaves, I sighed and threw my hands into the air: No wonder you aren’t producing new leaves, baby girl! Once the scale was gone, it was over. She let out a new leaf shortly after and that leaf took 2 weeks to go from just a bud to a little over 12 inches. This is what those insects can deprive you of: the joy of watching new growth. Don’t let them do that. Check for scale insects and get rid of them. That one little leaf that’s shooting straight out was not reaching that far yesterday. Keep in mind that your plants are resilient and can recover if you catch the problem early. Not all plants grow at the same speed so be patient. Victoria was named after her victory and perseverance. She was named this morning after I noticed how much better she looked. I’m sure she will be happy when she is near the other plants in my jungle room. Cheers to Victoria and all of your plants that are thriving and trying after a scale insect infestation! πŸ₯‚πŸΊπŸ·πŸΈπŸ₯ƒ #HappyPlants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #Philodendron #GloriousVerrucosum #PlantAddict #InQuarantine #TipsandTricks

Hey! My plants leaves keep drooping. Has anyone got tips as to why this may be? I got it a week ago and some of the leaves have started drooping

My new philondendron is acting up!

Meet my new babies @OKIEgrnthmb and @TJphilobsessed . 9 😳 philos arriving tomorrow!!

What tf is this?????

Meet, Charm She will be a climber. My last birthday plant. #philodendron #plantsmakepeoplehappy #plantshelfie

My birkin has been through some things. I burned it with neem oil, and I think the soil might bee too compact that’s why the leaves are struggling to return. Should I repot? #Philodendron

A new leaf from charm and its a lot bigger than the other ones. #newgrowth #mosspole #philodendron #plantsmakepeoplehappy #happyplants

Yooooooo, it's #freshleaffriday y'all!! I've got babies bubbling up on my pachyphytum Little Jewel props, so happy to see them after losing the mama plant to stem rot. And this little ledebouria bulb has been busy storing up energy over the winter, apparently! That leaf wasn't there a week ago! Daphne's new leaf is unfurling, I think it's gonna be a big one! I see at least four fenestrations on this side, super exciting. I've also got new growth on a prayer plant that fell victim to cat shenanigans - this guy has been with me for three years now and has survived a surprising amount of upheaval, lol. And lastly... That big ol' heckin chonker on my punctata opened up. The variegation is fabulous. 🀩 Happy Friday! #plantsmakepeoplehappy #freshleaffriday #succulentsquad #monstera #monsteramob #philodendron #happyplants

HOLY POTATOES, Y'ALL!!!! 😲 😲 😲 I found this lady at Walmart today. She was stuck down on a bottom end cap shelf with dozens of other PPPs. I'm not even sure how they were getting sunlight at all! Anyway, I saw her, I gasped, snatched her up, and vowed to take her home. The variegation on her is just astounding!! There are even tiny baby leaves at the bottom that are completely PINK. Not sure what this means, does anyone know? (Close up in photos). I will also put some close ups of her leaves in the comments. 🩷 ✨ #happyplants #plantsmakepeoplehappy #plantaddict #newplantmom #ppp #pinkprincessphilodendron #philodendron #greggang #greggers #freshleaffriday #freshfeaturedfriday