Growing with Pothos 'Jade'

Easy to propagate
Large, lush leaves
Fast grower

Easy to care for and usually hallways have lush, shiny green foliage. I admit I forget to water as frequently as I should but she thrives just as well as some of my desert plants! She’s even grown a few extra leaves while I wasn’t looking. My mom use to grow pothos while I was growing up and she still has the same mother plant along with quite a few clippings that she propagated and she’s even given quite a few away over the years. She’s always loved her pothos and when I started my plant journey and I knew it would be a good pick. They survive easily, it has to endure major neglect for even a few the leaves to brown, even I have maybe encountered one brown leaf from any my plants. At the same time, it’s hard to overwater these plants and they grow super fast. Even the clippings usually only take a few days, tops two weeks before the roots are ready to plant into dirt. My mom always just cut off the super long vines and would stick them in a vase with water until they had long enough roots and I don’t think she ever even had any of the clippings die! Very easy beginner plant even for the brownest of thumbs.