Kentia Palm

7.9" pot
pot-drainage No drainage

#KentiaPalm Discussion

My Kentia Palm leaves are turning brown and getting brown on the tip of the leaves. Am I over watering?

I noticed these little tiny black and redish brown bugs on all along the center stem of the plant. I'm not sure what they are or what to do. Has anyone else had this experience or know what these tiny bugs are and/or how to get rid of them?

A couple of new plants that I think are pretty cool! See the other on next post #PlantsMakePeopleHappy

Odd dirt color

help! my cat palm is not doing too well. well actually itโ€™s my roommateโ€™s and i overwatered it. now the leaves are turning brown and crispy. i donโ€™t know if itโ€™s turned to root rot yet, i found a couple of slightly soggy small roots but the main large ones are still firm and intact. just wondering what my next move should be. should i trim the leaves? the soil is still quite moist everywhere so i think i might have to repot it. any help would be great because iโ€™m a total beginner! thanks!

My Kentia is not wellโ€ฆ there is new growth, but the leaves are becoming dry with light brown color and has dark spots on them. Anybody knows whatโ€™s going on with it? Thanks

Another one biting the dust? My Kentia Palm has been seemingly happy and low maintenance. I just started to have to cut off a cpl of completely yellowed stems with palms. In thw current photos you can see more deteriorating. Help please!

It is starting to yellow at end of leaves what do I do?

Its getting thinner an more brittle by the day any suggestions

I just got this guy a few weeks ago and heโ€™s quickly declining. The other palm I bought at the same time is doing great with the same amount of water and sunlightโ€ฆ could it be a disease or a pest causing his fronds to brown? ๐Ÿ˜ข