Growing with Jade

Easy to propagate
Pet friendly

i love that this plant doesn’t require much watering like my other succulents this means i can water them all at the same time. because all of them require the same amount of water. 💧🌱
this plants is super-duper cute and def one of my favourites. you may have to keep it in the sun more than other succulents but for me this isn’t too much of an issue because i keep them on my window sill 🪟. if you don’t this may be problem but - with an easy fix... you can very easily put your plant on the window every day for about 1-4 hours at a time that’s all it needs obviously you might want to spread that time over different times in the day but it’s up to personal preference and how much time you have.
i hope this helped and that you like your plant too!! happy planting! 🪴🤍🐛☮️ 🌱 🐌