Smoke leaves

Kalanchoe 'Dragonfire'

window-distance 11.0ft to light
window-orientation East
16.0" pot
pot-drainage Drainage
pot-type Cement
soil-type Orchid_bark
outdoor-plant Indoor
near-humidifier Near humidifier
near-heater Near heater
🎂 Mar 19th
water@4x 4 Waters
snooze@4x 4 Snoozes
🔥 2x Streaks

Smoke leaves should be watered every 11 days and was last watered on Monday Jul 4th.

#Kalanchoe Discussion

My plant is a kalanchoe hybrid called ‘Dragon Fire’ so i have no idea why it put it under Jade. It requires different care. Does anyone know why it put it under this plant?

I feel like she needs a bigger pot, any thoughts? (she’s SLIGHTLY bigger than she was in her plant card photo)

New plants and new pots #PlantTherapy So I repotted my florist kalanchoe to match is flowers, and potted new oxalis plum crazy for Mother’s Day gifts, and potted my new alocasia Okinawa silver to hopefully make into a outdoor porch plant for the summer. Also, started a new project which will need its own post eventually, but it started as taking a walk this morning and collecting plant specimens along the way! 😄 #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantAddict #OutdoorGrowing #RarePlants #WeirdPlants #AlocasiaAddicts #alocasiaokinawasilver #Oxalis #oxalisplumcrazy #oxalisplumcrazy #Kalanchoe #Mint

What do I do after this happens?

How do I prune my kalanchoe to get more blooms?

Aerial Roots?

For folks who have more than 1 in a pot, how many do you have in the pot and how big is it? (Couldn’t quite tell based on the pictures)

What happend to my plant is it because it's Dry or over whatered

Can Kalanchoe go outside in Toronto Canada ?

raise you hand ✋🏼 if you have what i like to call “seasonal plant depression”. i have not used this app since the leaves outside started to turn color😅 im fully aware that my houseplants require my help to stay alive…however, i can. not. stay motivated enough through the dark season of winter to keep up with them. i don’t know if it’s the lack of vitamin d or if my mind has been programmed to believe all things green must die in the winter. but every year, one of my plants surprises me with a resurrection that i’d never believe to be possible. lord behold, my kalanchoe who i started watering again like a week ago, has decided her will to live is stronger than my will to let her die 🙌🏼 here’s to a full summer (& hopefully winter if i can get my life together) of beautiful, healthy houseplants 🥲😍 #SucculentLove