Silver Dollar Plant

window-orientation North
3.94" pot
pot-drainage Drainage
pot-type Plastic
soil-type Regular
outdoor-plant Indoor

#Crassula Discussion

What is the problem?

What’s up with the wrinkly leaves?

Hi I’m kinda new to this! This isn’t my first succulent but unlike the first one I’m hoping to not mess it up. I just watered him for the second time since I got him. Other than misting every few days. I was gifted him at work because I work at Bath and Body Works and to get excited about our new fragrance and to show appreciation the company gave us all little plants. His name is Greg because I thought it was funny the app was named “Greg” lol! 😂

Hi! I'm new and this is my plant JP or jade,she is a silver jade plant❤️

Sudden leaf falling

This Weeks Updates 🌱 ‘Mochi’ silver dollar jade- she has recovered well from temperature shock, lighting changes, dehydration and even a mauling from my cat olive… his twin hasn’t recovered so well but it’s still in the pot, receiving the same rescue plan, but hasn’t improved yet. Hopefully that will change soon..but for now mochis big brotheris growing new leaves, & is back to his normal self. They are slow growers so I was so sad when they got assaulted by my crazy kitty. 😅😫 ‘Melonie’ Sedeveria blue burrito- I love how she has filled out and grown! Her color range is beautiful, and her growth pattern is so satisfying 😍🧬 sedeverias are underrated in my opinion! Funny story my boyfriend clawed this plant out of a dying arrangement at walmart… so technically it’s rescued not proplifting…either way it likes it new home so no damage done 😳🫣. Bubbles ‘Pachysedum Ghanzou’- she is part of the newest group of #Succulents I got a few weeks ago, I really love her leaf shape, and the uniqueness of her variety. I didn’t know of the ‘Pachysedum’ variety until coming across this hidden jewel at Home Depot! They’re are only a few Pachysedum varieties, & Ghanzou particularly displays a beautiful range of colors, as well as a strinking bloom. I repotted with bonsai jack, & added succulent soil mix to that. She seems to be liking it so far! 🤞🏻🪴 ‘Demi’ Silver Teaspoons- I found mealy bugs on her last week, and I have treated with #ArberBioInsecticide & #ArberBioFungicide which I really recommend for overall plant protection/health. I haven’t seen any more mealies and she has new growth too. ‘Okie’ crowded Haworthia- this was a gift from @Lifeis2short 😊 it has some new growth, but I’m still trying to learn its habits. I don’t have it directly under my grow lights, but I can’t tell if it’s still too much, or not enough. And I also have a hard time determining when it’s thirsty and not? Any suggestions? #Haworthia #SucculentSquad #NewGrowth #GrowLights #GrowingSuccs #SucculentLove #Succulents #Succulent #HapPlants #PlantAddict #GregGang #GreggersSupportingGreggers #Sedeveria #Kalanchoe #Jade #Crassula #Pachysedum

My silver jade plant has been bound and determined to drive me crazy since I got him. All the other plants from the succulent arrangement he was in have been growing happily in individual pots, some to the point that I've chopped/propped or been able to behead leggy growth and prop leaves, etc, but this guy has been doing a fat lot of nothing for months. I don't know if it's because of the dramatic increase in sunlight my southern windows get during the winter months due to how my house is positioned or because I suspected I was not watering him as often as he wanted and slightly adjusted my watering routine, but in the last week or two, the new leaves on top have legit tripled in side at least and now I've got a new branch starting off the lowest leaf! 😮 #succulentsquad #jadeplant #happyplants #plantsmakepeoplehappy #plantaddict #texasgreggang

more #NewGrowth from my jade arrangement I did right before the seasons changed.. ❄️ I have four types in this arrangement 1. Hummel sunset jade 🌱 2. Jade plant cutting 🌱 3. Curly leaf jade 🌱 4. Ogre ear jade 🌱 They all are showing signs of growth & doing well together! Jades are so hardy, & they are very forgiving. I think they make great starter #Succulents 🤩🪴 5. Is a jade plant from another arrangement ‘silver dollar jade’ my cat olive somehow mutilated her right before summer ended so I lost a lot of growth, but it’s bouncing back & has been putting off new growth since the incident 😳 #JadePlant #PlantAddict #SucculentSquad #Succulent #CurlyJade #arrangements #HappyPlants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy

Stalks fell off

•finally finished putting my big momma planter together (well it’s MY big momma planter) this is my fave arrangement so far ! •Echeveria ‘perl von nurnberg’, 🌸 Crassula arborescens,🌵blue candy cactus, mariner’s kalanchoe, graptosedum ‘ghosty’🌿 & turquoise tails 🌱 •cool tone blues & greens w/ purple accents 💜 •I leave this outside in morning sun/afternoon part shade. ⛅️ i got the last two succs for the front today, I LOVE how it came out. ✨ •my Crassula arborescens (Mochi) has a little baby set of leaves it’s pushing out the side ! Mochi is one of my faves so I’m super happy about that ! 🌿