Growing with Peace Lily

Browns easily
Large, lush leaves
Fast grower

I have owned my peace lily Geoffrey for over 20 years. This plant has survived harsh winters and hot summers. It has survived a particularly nasty battle with fungus gnats, root rot and long periods of under-watering. These plants are fantastic as a starter plant, or if you firmly believe that you just can't keep anything alive.

Currently my peace lily is in a 15cm diameter pot that is about 25cm tall. I have chosen to plant my peace lily in bark to prevent root rot as it does like quite a bit of water and I was finding it difficult to find a good balance of watering. I would highly recommend allowing this plant to become root bound before reporting as they like a tight spot. The leaves do get brown at the tips but I believe that's just the nature of the plant, so if you want something evergreen this may not be for you. Peace lily's don't need (or in my experience, like) direct sunlight so you can really just tuck it away in a corner to brighten the space up a bit.

Geoffrey has also give me many babies over the years but I do not believe you can propagate these plants using the water roofing method. They just produce new plants around the base much like some species of aloe.

5/5 love this plant.