Growing with Peace Lily

Fast grower
Large, lush leaves
Blooms easily
Pet friendly

I love a vocal plant. Plants that look a certain way when they need to be watered are my best friends because i’m a firm believer in communication. It builds healthy relationships. This plant literally looks like it’s on the brink of death when it needs to be watered, but after a solid watering she’s back in all her glory in a few hours. Super dramatic if you ask me. I was prepared for this behavior, however, because I did a ton of research on the plant prior to purchasing her. If i hadn’t i honestly probably would’ve died on the spot from how droopy the leaves get. I mean it would’ve incapacitated me instantly. They need to more water than i’m used to with plants, so i just wait until i see the life leave her leaves (lol) to water it because i’m horrified of overwatering my plants. ALSO!! she started to bloom!!! This is a trait i was particularly curious about because i assumed flowering plants required at least an east or south facing window to produce flowers, but all of a sudden my plant put out these white shoots and I’m thinking to myself “wow why the fuck are these leaves white! what did i do!!!” until my mom came in and was all “oh how pretty it’s blooming” and then it all made sense. I have a North facing window in my bedroom, albeit a big window, but still North so i was doubtful about it producing flowers. But here we are.