Growing with Monstera

Fast grower
Large, lush leaves
Easy to propagate

*This monster sits in a chair in an east-facing window. I water it when I think about it or when Greg reminds me.*

What is there NOT TO LOVE about this behemoth?! I have shared it with many friends. I cut a few pieces off and before I realize it- there are more leaves growing on my plant and the cuttings have roots!

This plant has been with me a long time. We are buds. We love to sit and just watch the craziness go on in the household.

No bugs. No stress. No complaints. I just beat in a few stakes for it to have a direction and it grows from there.

Soon, I anticipate that it will be too big for the chair and it'll have to resort to sitting on the floor, but I don't think it'll mind too much.

Fun fact: I was stressing out about picking out curtains for the windows, but this guy is just going to sit here instead!