Introducing Greg’s brand new Community version! 🥳

Big changes, right outta the gate: We replaced the home screen with a dynamic new social feed, showcasing Moments (plant pics you post). We’ve also got other big plans to develop the feed even further, but for now…

We’re super excited to introduce these two new features:

🙋‍♀️ Q&A

Ever wish you could get plant advice from a more experienced indoor gardener? Now you can! Post a question to the Greg community by tapping the + in the bottom menu of the app, and you’ll get helpful response from the community within 24 hours, or less. 🙌


#Communities make it easy to find plant-related content on Greg. We’re starting out with groups around specific plant types that you can follow, and contribute to, like #GoldenPothos. But you can also create your own to connect with plant pals around common interests, like #SucculentLovers, #QueerPlantParents, #FallColors, etc. 🍁

Wanna dive deeper into the new features? Read more about ‘em over on our blog.

We hope you love this more social direction we’re moving in, and, as always, if you have any comments, questions, or even constructive criticism, hit us up at:

Happy to grow alongside you!
All of us @ Greg 💕