Posted 1Y ago by @madsus

Water for plants?
I’m beginning to see the effects of tap water usage in my plants, I know spring water is a much better option, but I have over 30 plants now and can’t imagine I’m supposed to buy it by the gallon. What water do you use for your plants? (I do not live near any springs and get no rain)
Personally for my more sensitive plants, I just put water through my fridge filter and it works just fine for me
@Ratshell I wondered about that, I feel like something is better than nothing. I just wish we got more rain here!
I use mostly reverse osmosis water for plants that are sensitive to chemicals. I also have distilled for terrarium use, as it doesn’t leave any residue on the glass. I usually by the r.o. water by the gallon, but I get it in 3 gallon refillable jugs, so it’s cheaper then getting the pre-filled gallon jugs. Some people by a reverse osmosis system to install under a sink, but I rent so that isn’t an option for me 😅
I use distilled water
@Lara got water delivered for a while!
I use the liquid fish tank dechlorinator in a pinch.
I have a Berkey filter. It retains some minerals but removes chlorine, etc.
Before I got to over 100 plants I used to use distilled water but it got expensive quickly so now I use tap I just leave it overnight before I use it